Roll on Perfume

Roll on Perfume

Make Your Own Perfume in a Roll On Bottle

These make a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones. So simple yet effective and elegant. We have all the products you need and you will find the recipe in our recipe folder. This is an idea that we have tried and you can make it your own by changing the type of oils you use.  

You Need:

  • Jojoba Oil Clear
  • A few drops of your favourite fragrance or essential oil
  • Roll on Perfume Bottle - 9ml
  • Dried Flowers of your choice

* Please note the flowers must be dried, you can purchase lavender and rose petals from Lotus Oils or make your own from the garden by picking them fresh and zapping them in the microwave on a paper towel for a few seconds.


  • add the Jojoba oil clear to almost fill your glass bottle (each bottle holds 9ml of liquid).         
  • add a few drops of your favourite Fragrance - see our extensive range of fragrance oils (in our video we used Jasmine Aromatic).
  • add a few dried flowers for appearance (the smaller the flower the easier to insert into the bottle).
  • top up with extra Jojoba Clear Oil if needed.





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