• 100g of Oatmeal Melt & Pour Soap Base (you will use about 80g for an individual soap)
    • Lavender Essential Oil (you only require a few drops for an individual soap)
    • Dried Lavender Flowers

  • Instructions:

  • Melt your melt & pour soap base in a microwave bowl or double boiler on the stove If you are using the microwave melt the soap base in 30 second bursts.
    • Add in a drop or two of the lavender essential oil. We say a drop or two but you can add more depending on how much fragrance you want in your individual soap.
    • Then add in a few pinches of lavender flower. You could use other dried flowers or a small spoon of porridge oats if preferable. This gives texture and more fragrance to the soap.
    • Pour the soap base into a mould. We have used an individual clamshell mould.
    • Wait until it cools then you can start using the soap right away! Wrap up as a gift or keep for yourself and enjoy!
  • This soap has been found to be beautiful on your skin.


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